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Job Details:

  • The radiographer applies radiation to assist in the diagnosis of human disorders. Performs radiographic procedures and related functions producing images for interpretation by licensed practitioners. Exercises professional judgment and maintains a demeanor complementary to medical ethics. Provides appropriate patient care and recognizes patient conditions. Adheres to institutional and departmental policies and procedures. Floats to assigned area/modality. Obtains and reviews requisition in order to be aware of information such as procedure requested, patient condition and any other special notes or comments. Always checks patient identification band and verifies date of birth before any procedure is performed. Routinely obtains a history and documents all relevant information. Safely transports patients to and from department using appropriate on and off device; notifies nursing station when a patient has left/returned; signs appropriate documents. Determines proper exposure factors for each radiograph. Properly marks and identifies radiograph. Assists in "Timeout" to verbalize/mark site and laterality for all invasive procedures. Always questions females (13-50) as to whether they may be pregnant; documents LMP and other relevant information on requisition. Demonstrates appropriate use of immobilization and positioning devices to prevent patient from moving and lessen discomfort. Always uses proper collimation and gonadal shielding (when appropriate) to reduce patient exposure and optimize image quality. Clearly instructs patients through vocalized breathing and re-positioning instructions. Refers to departmental procedure manual to ensure that all standard views are taken for requested procedure as well as any specially requested view(s). Always demonstrates an awareness of radiation safety procedures for self and others; wears appropriate protective devices such as aprons, gloves and thyroid shield; remains behind barriers during exposures and keeps radiation exposure to absolute minimum. Always wears a film badge above collar, turns in badge for evaluation and initials monthly report. Always notifies physician and/or nursing personnel of changes in patient condition. Observes transport equipment during operation. Reports malfunctions to supervisor. Practices aseptic techniques as required. Always follows universal precautions; strictly adheres to isolation and infection control policies and procedures. Demonstrates proficiency and competency with all general radiographic and fluoroscopic equipment including, but not limited to R/F, Rad/Tomo, C-Arm, Portables. Maintains assigned work area. Cleans and disinfects work area after each use. Assures that area is properly stocked and supplied prior to end of shift. Performs basic nursing functions (BP, pulse, etc) in regards to patient care; initiates life support, if necessary. Performs general office duties, answering phones, filing, maintaining patient records, etc. Responsible for the completion of all procedures scheduled during the shift without any negative impact on the quality of the work performed. Positively responds to changes in work schedules; Demonstrates flexibility. Demonstrates the ability to perform work in an accurate and timely manner. Handles self well in times of crisis. Rotates as needed on all shifts and days as requested; regularly scheduled as back-up technologist "oncall". Coordinates multiple exams on same patient between areas of medical imaging in order to expedite patient care and minimize patient time in the department. Consistently determines the proper sequence of procedures for maximum efficiency; schedules similar procedures in sequence to reduce set-up time. Demonstrates proper patient care skills, irrespective of patient type, age, or sex. Demonstrates a knowledge of human structure and function. Actively attempts to learn more about functioning of the department in order to improve value to self, department and organization. Regularly confers with radiologist(s) for direction and guidance on completion of difficult or questionable cases. Demonstrates functional knowledge of IV tubing, pumps, drains chest tubes, etc. Demonstrates ability to handle patient without disturbing function of same. Always secures patient valuables prior to performing procedure. Is proactive about not placing patient's personal belongings at risk. Provides clinical instruction to radiologic technologist students as requested. Notifies supervisory personnel of all incidents, falls, accidents, etc. at time of occurrence. Immediately initiates appropriate documentation for review by supervisor and forwarding to Quality/Risk Management. Performs TPD to assure throughput and complete study in RIS before sending images to QCWSTN. Properly manages exam descriptions, error message and dates. Properly performs PACS check according to RIS/PAC tips checklist. Properly perform Teleradiology. Demonstrates skills sufficient to successfully function within the position. Graduate of accredited radiography program or equivalent. Registered by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologist or equivalent. Valid Louisiana license.